A Start To The Run






Methamphetamine as a chemical formula looks like this:


If you follow this link you will find a [JMOL] animation of the moelecular structure. This too could also be represented by the Zome [LINK].
Moreover, work carried out by Dr. Paul Thompson [LINK] at the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Resource at UCLA [LINK] and represented rather Graphically here:[LINK[A][B] speak well to the issue, I suggest.
My argument remains that a mind destroyed by the ‘Forest Fire of Damage’ [LINK] represented so frankly by Paul Thompson can be mitigated and to a large degree recovered by a substance of thought, the language of Mathematics in to something manifestly more functional [LINK], defined here [LINK].

My question remains – Is there the will within the existing infrastructure to support a radical recovery initiative, not that there is significant relevance to that support, for the dictum of this initiative is a simple one – To all, Lead, Follow or Get out of the way, For it comes.

Aristotle contended that ‘the mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.’ and thus it comes.



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