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MATH Not METH – The Urban Incursion

February 22, 2007

MATH Not METH is based on a premise developed in 1994 to break a cycle of Heroin addiction within an institutional setting. The premise was a simple one – If you can divert the attention of an addict away from the ‘Game of Getting’ and focused on the ‘Game of Knowledge’ the Pleasure associated with the ‘Score’ followed by the inevitable disappointment in the High, is replaced by the quest for Knowledge.

To Quote Lee Stringer [LINK] ‘The pathology of a addict is that once he has tasted ‘Heaven’ – chemically induced or otherwise – he relentlessly mine the source of it for more, determined to maintain the sensation all the time. It is the thing that hooks him because it is a metaphysical impossibility, so that each diminished return only inspires him to try all the harder.’

In 1994, before the ‘Highway of Light’ truly came to the fore as a possible force, a tool for change, the tool of choice was the Zome [LINK] a development of Paul Hildebrandt from an invention of Steve Baer in 1966. What was established very early on was this seemingly elementary modeling system was in fact a ‘Model of the Mind’, a too, for change.

Where this came from can best be explained by the recent work of Irving Biederman in ‘Grasping the Pleasure Principle’ [LINK] and his treatese Perceptual Pleasure and the Brain [LINK] together with the work of Edward A. Vessel in ‘A Theory of Cognitive and Perceptual Pleasure’ [LINK].

With the pervasive incursion of Chrystal Meth into communities and resources taxed to the limit in dealing with it, I suggest that the strategy proven useful in 1994 can be expanded upon and an Incursion made into the zone. It is clear that the ‘Just Say No’ philosophy is a failure from the start, and the tendency of Law enforcement to favor a policy of ‘If brute force doesn’t work, you are not using enough of it’. What is obviously required is a radical approach and MATH Not METH is designed to answer that.

The program is very infrastructure dependent, using Grid based learning tools, gridMathematica [LINK] being the primary source with A New Kind Of Science [LINK], and Pervasive Gaming strategies pioneered by IPERG – Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming [LINK] who developed the highly successful Prosopopeia [LINK] with the translational strategy of MATH Not METH taking advantage of the ‘Techer’ nature of a classic Meth addict.

MATH Not METH is then a work in progress with implementation in the form of an Urban Incursion coming in 2007-09.

You Are invited to PLAY.